Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! Phew, it was a long a week over here so I'm pretty excited for a low key weekend. We don't have much planned other than a visit from my father in law and a dinner at a quirky local steakhouse. MK has a quick trip to Atlanta planned for a friends baby shower on Saturday and then we're doing our last long run this Sunday before our race next weekend. Crazy it's already here! Anyone have any big weekend plans?

A few findings if you're interested...

ONE: My girl friends from college and I go on a girls trip every year. We've been emailing lately and Oregon wine country seems to be top of our list. On top of that Andy has been really wanting to drive the coast of Oregon and/or Washington next year so Grace's recent post about her trip to Portland really has me thinking next year may be the year of the Pacific Northwest!

TWO: Andy and I have been brainstorming some cold weather meals we want to be sure to make this fall. This pretty chicken pot pie just made the list for looks alone! The list also includes, pot roast, beef bourguignon, chili and a few others soups. Anyone care to share some of your favorite winter meals?

THREE: As lame as this sounds I bookmarked this article from Madewell's blog last week. I'm not the best housekeeper but since I've been trying to buy fewer items I am trying to be more aware of how to take care of them too!

FOUR: I am the WORST at keeping in touch with people. I blame it on my hate for the telephone but really I have no excuse to not be better about calling my grandmother(sorry TaTa!) and friends more often. When I saw this little happy mail concept from A Beautiful Mess I thought what a great way to keep in touch and let someone know you're thinking of them. I know it's still not a phone call but at least the ones I love would know I care about them! 

Happy weekend guys! 



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