Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! So happy for the weekend! What is everyone doing? Andy and I are on our way to Knoxville to visit his family. I'm excited not only will we see his parents but his sister, from Florida, is coming into town too so it should be a good time. We don't have much planned other than some delicious food(always) and I'm sure some Tennessee football too!

A few findings before you get your weekend started...

ONE: Guys I've always had a secret(not really!) dream to live abroad and reading Lauren's blog some days isn't healthy for that dream.  She's traveling with her adorable family through the countryside of England and Ireland right now so I'm pretty much beyond jealous.  Warning - reading her blog will likely make you want to drop everything and move to London with your loved ones!

TWO: MK mentioned we aren't planning any traditional gift guides.  There are so many good ones available already here and here but I'd say this GOOP guide may be the ultimate guide for pretty much everyone.  And Joanna's go live next week too!

THREE: This time of year is super busy for me at work, so I don't contribute much to our menu at home, but I try to flag recipes that are simple enough to occasionally whip up after work. Camille pulled together a handful of one-pot meals that all sound amazing! Everyone needs some easy meals this busy time of year.

FOUR: Funny story, MK isn't into camping so every time she meets people that camp she tells me she found people that Andy and I should be friends with hah. It always makes me laugh! This mountain escape on the Fresh Exchange reminded me of that and has me regretting not getting up to the mountains to camp or at a minimum hike this fall. Isn't it perfect?!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

- Heath

PS check out Anna Watson Carl's chat with Ina Garten, so cool!


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