Dinner Lab Review

Heath mentioned that we attended Charlotte's first Dinner Lab event last weekend, and it really needs a little more of an explanation.  Guys we loved the event!  So much fun!  Some thoughts from the night below...
We've heard that Charlotte's Dinner Lab now has a wait list!  (Happy for Dinner Lab's success here!)  But, if you're on the fence, I'd recommend getting a group of friends and getting on the list.  I promise it's a fun adult night out for a group, and in this stage where many of my friends have young children at home, it's SO much easier than any of us hosting an event.  Also, if you entertain for business, this would be PERFECT way to treat clients.  Dinner Lab often has weeknight events and as a member you can host non-member guests.  It would be the perfect unusual thing to invite a client to attend.  Have you guys been to an event?  What did you think!?

~Mary Keller

Images by Dinner Lab and Jeff Thibodeau


  1. Love this recap! Are y'all going in December?!