Ina Garten in Bon Appetit

If there are any other people obsessed with Ina Garten like me out there, you may want to check out Bon Appetit's feature of Ina in their "My Morning Routine" column.  I don't know what it is about hearing about people's routines or a "day in the life" of someone (maybe I'm nosey??) but I find them so interesting.  Fun facts - she microwaves oatmeal every single morning for breakfast.  Dinner - she eats dinner out most evenings during the week (she's tired of cooking from recipe testing all day) and entertains most weekends.  I don't know why I find that crazy that she eats out most evenings.  I've always imagined her having perfect dinners every evening with Jeffrey!!  My favorite two tips: One - "When guests arrive they want to feel like this is something you just whipped up in the few minutes before they got there," implying that guests don't want to feel like they've caused you a lot of trouble.  And two - "Pick five recipes that are very simple...then do variations on those five recipes."  Love this and I'm trying to implement this in my kitchen.  That's why Heath and I made a point to "master" roast chicken, pizza dough, etc. recipes that you can turn to over and over.  What would be your 5 go tos?

Ina's newest cookbook Make It Ahead is now out and I'm hearing really good reviews.  Definitely on my Christmas list!  Last thing, my friend sent me this funny link, Bow Down, Because Ina Is Our One True Queen, if there are any fellow Ina lovers out there.

~Mary Keller

Image by Alex Eau on Bon Appetit


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