Happy New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve guys!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Did everyone enjoy?  I have been LOVING the slow pace of things lately and it's going to be tough to get back into the groove of the new year.  I love everything about New Years Eve and New Years Day.  It's not that I love going out and doing big fancy plans on New Years Eve (we actually have nothing planned this year, lame!) I just love the extension of the Christmas spirit right on into a new holiday, and I love thinking about exciting plans for resolutions and plans for a new year. 

Hope everyone has a magical (and safe!) New Years Eve.  We're lighting as many candles as we can find, and sitting down to a late, cozy dinner of Beef Bourguignon and Champagne.  Can't wait!  (Our across the street's neighbor's New Years Eve tradition is fondue, I think that sounds fun too!)

~Mary Keller

image via Elizabeth Messina


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