Happy New Years & A Delicious Menu

Happy New Years everyone!  As I mentioned yesterday, I absolutely LOVE New Years Day.  It's a close third behind Thanksgiving and Christmas to me.  I love everything about it - the tree is still up, but the holiday travel and stress is over.  I love setting resolutions, I LOVE a day filled with football, and I really LOVE the traditional southern New Years Day meal.  Do you guys cook the traditional southern meal on New Years Day?

According to tradition, the traditional New Years Day meal will bring you good luck and fortune all year long.  The meal always includes Pork, Collard Greens, and Black Eyed Peas (or many include Hopping John).  For me this combo is soooo good.  We've gotten into the tradition of always cooking barbeque (for the pork) served over white rice with mustard bbq sauce (my South Carolina roots), collard greens, black eyed peas, cornbread and of course a bloody Mary.  It's seriously the best to have football on and all of these simmering away on the oven...mmm....

Southern Living and Cooking Light have a round ups of their menu ideas.  We use our go-to-pork recipe, Tyler Florence's Collard Greens and (sadly) black eyed peas from the can. :) 

Happy New Year everyone!  We're signing off to enjoy the last few days of the holiday break, and we'll see you back here Monday when it's back to the real world! :)

~Mary Keller

Image via Cooking Light


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