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Valentine's doggy for Virginia | Burger date at Block and Grinder | Thursday night sushi spread | mini master bedroom before... |  Portuguese eggs with fresh juice | Virginia's fish face :) | master bedroom after! | chili to fight the chilly weather 

Good morning and happy Monday guys.  Hope everyone is staying warm on this chilly Monday morning.  This weekend was one for the books!  Andy and I got a lot done around the house and cooked a ton! It was awesome. We started our weekend with a little sushi spread on Thursday at the Costa's.  Virginia was so excited to have my mom, me and MK in one place she didn't even know what to do with herself, running around in circles like a tiny little drunk person hah.

We stayed warm inside on Friday with my favorite tomato soup and grilled cheese, had a yummy coffee date Saturday morning and made short ribs for dinner on Saturday. Seriously good guys! Yesterday we made Portuguese eggs and again would definitely recommend them for a delicious brunch, so flavorful!

MK and JD made tons of progress on a few household projects this weekend, one of which is the master bedroom. These pictures are all I've seen thus far but I love the paint colors they chose and think this alone is a huge change! Looking forward to seeing the complete "after" shots soon. They also found time for a little burger date at Block and Grinder and said it was SO good.  I'm adding it to our list to try...

I hope it was a great weekend for you guys too. Have a wonderful week and stay warm!

- Heath


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