Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! Hope everyone has something fun planned with friends or loved ones for this chilly Valentine's weekend. We're not doing much but I'm looking forward to trying a new recipe and relaxing. MK and JD have big plans to knock out a bunch of household chores (very romantic hah!) including some bedroom items. Looking forward to seeing the paint colors!

A few valentine's inspired findings from around the web...

ONE: This wine and chocolate tasting would be such a fun idea for an easy Valentine's celebration. You could keep it simple by picking up chocolate from a local shop like Davidson chocolate, or even your local grocery, and a few bottles of wine for tasting too. Simple and festive!

TWO: If you're still searching for a Valentine's dessert, this chocolate molten cake would fit the bill perfectly! If you're short on time (or energy), I've read the frozen Trader Joe's version is pretty good too!

THREE: If you're local, do me a favor and go pick up some flowers from Nectar Floral Designs on Davidson. We follow their work on Instagram and everything they produce is so pretty! I'm not even a big flower person but the photos have me wanting to sign up for a floral design class. Anyone want to join?

FOUR: We're trying these Portuguese baked eggs for brunch this weekend. We love any form of egg bake or frittata and this one caught my eye with the peppers, tomatoes and ricotta cheese, yum! Also eggs served runny with a good crispy piece of bread, the best!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

- Heath


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