Master Bedroom Overhaul Part II

Heath mentioned that we made progress on our master bedroom renovation this past weekend and we really did!  We had the bedroom painted that pale blue I had been admiring, and I got just about every other major component for the room on order.  I found this fabric to use for drapes and pretty much used it as my starting point for everything else.

I always love crisp white bedding in bedrooms, and Horchow is always running good sales.  My mom bookmarked this bedding for me months ago, and I loved the feminine scallop.  For lamps I'm using sconce lights, and I'm hoping to switch out the shades to something pleated.  I love how a pleated shade looks all lit up, and I'm hoping that these sconce lamps are just what I need to get back on track with lots of bedtime reading.  (I'm blaming my terrible bedroom for my lack of book club participation lately.) 

I'm a little more torn on the rug direction.  J.D. would like something more "plush" (pretty much non-sisal) but wool carpets can get pricey really quickly, plus I think I'm liking the warmth that a neutral sisal gives colorwise.  This option from Dash & Albert is always a favorite, but it's popular and we've already used it in Virginia's room in blue. 

So!  Lots of fun stuff and we're moving right along.  I've never "decorated" a room like this.  I'm always slow and methodical, but for some reason I'm just quickly going with my gut and moving along with this project.  (J.D.'s probably cringing imagining me changing my mind later! :)  Not pictured is a new/old wood chest that we desperately need so J.D. can quit using the Rubbermaid.  I think that it will visually be a big help too - the wood will add warmth.

So, next to add is one more lamp, a few new picture frames and accessories, possibly art, and if anyone has rug suggestions or a vote I'd love to hear!

~Mary Keller

p.s. before pictures here

Bedding | Scones | Rattan Bedside Table | Picture Frames | Fabric | Rug and another Rug


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