Master Bedroom Overhaul Part 1

Our Master Bedroom's décor has been pretty lacking since we moved in - other things were getting attention (the kitchen, the yard, the baby) and we never really put much effort, if any, into our bedroom.  BUT, that's going to change this year, and quickly!  I'm pouring lots of attention into it these next few weeks and I'm hoping to have it completely overhauled before the spring's warmer weather is here.  (Because once warmer weather is here, I'm done decorating for the year!)

So I've been doing lots of looking around on Pinterest, old magazines, etc. to gather my thoughts on what I want the space to look like.  I'll get around to taking and sharing "before pics" soon, but I want the "after" results to look something like these images.  I'm picturing a light, airy blue and white space with not-too-feminine/but-kinda-feminine drapes, an antique dresser (poor J.D. currently uses a plastic Rubbermaid as a dresser, true story), and fresh, crisp white bedding.  I'm really excited to see it come together.  I originally had a completely different plan when we first moved in, but now I'm thinking you can't go wrong with classic blue and white.  Stay tuned, and if anyone has suggestions on beautiful (but affordable) monogramable white bedding, I'd love to hear!!

~Mary Keller

Images here


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