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picnic in the park | a sunny afternoon at Triple C's beer garden | steaks hot off the grill | Virginia happy as a clam as long as aunt Heath's around | playing with mamma's jewelry | Sunday evening stroll | spring flowers | Sunday (pimento cheese!) burger night

Happy Monday guys!  I swear it was just Friday!  Did you all have a good weekend?  Ours was perfectly lazy and it was wonderful.   Friday night we did nothing.  Not a thing.  Heath and Andy met friends to watch the Davidson game, but J.D. and I stuck around the house. 

Saturday was the perfect mix of productivity and fun.  We rode bikes to get bbq, finally got around to getting a few things framed for the house, and then rode bikes to Triple C Brewery to meet Heath & Andy once Virginia got up from her nap.  It was such a perfect afternoon with the sun finally out.  All of Charlotte had our idea to head to a beer garden.  We stopped by Sycamore first but it was completely slammed, so we headed down to Triple C.  It was a little less packed, and Virginia had a ball watching the million dogs and kiddos play.  Heath and Andy met a few friends for an al fresco steak dinner afterwards.

Sunday was really nothing special, but nice and quiet.  J.D. worked and Virginia and I had a grocery/laundry/Target kind of day.  We did squeeze in a family walk plus pimento cheese burgers on the grill to round out the weekend.  It was nice having a low key day.

Hope everyone has a good week!  Looking forward to Friday already. :)

~Mary Keller


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