Couldn't Agree More | Sara Kate Studios

A few weeks ago, Heath mentioned that Sara Kate Studios is one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow.  She's just launched a new site with a completely rebranded shop - Sara Kate Studios!  If you aren't following Sara Kate in her shop (or on Instagram) you're in for a treat.  It's hard to describe Sara Kate's aesthetic, but I'm really inspired by designers who are able to incorporate color in a sophticated way as Sara Kate seems to easily do.  Truthfully her aesthetic sets her apart from most other designers bringing ideas to the table, and I love seeing what she comes up with.

I came across this on her Our Story page, and it's too good not to share: "We love the unusual and the storied: pieces that harken back to another time — items that say, “I’ve had a little adventure.” We believe in a mix of high and low, and investment pieces that become those family favorites to be passed down for years to come. We live by the mantra of a certain kind of minimalism: only surround yourself with the things and people you love."

Isn't that great?!  I'm a BIG believer in high and low, either get what you want (a splurge) or don't spend much at all, and I love the mantra of a "certain kind of minimalism" surrounding your self with only things and people you love.  I'm really being picky on what I'm spending my $$ on this year, and I'm going to keep coming back to this.

Sara Kate's shop is full of unique furniture, lighting, art, soaps, blankets and more....

~Mary Keller

Image via Sara Kate Studios


  1. My Instagram feed just keeps getting better and better thanks to you guys (now I get to look at the accounts you follow AND all of your fun posts (and that sweet Virginia!!!)!). xoxo