Project Follow Up | Photo Books

Now that we have our photos organized let’s talk about photo books. I’ve used two different companies recently, Artifact Uprising and Pinhole Press. Both are great quality and I love the books I’ve created. Each company has their benefits so I thought I’d pull together my thoughts on each below. 

Artifact Uprising 
Two words – auto fill! This feature alone has me wanting to use this company for all my photobooks going forward. I’m not completely committing because I have a discount code with Pinhole right now and Artifact doesn’t make smaller hardcover books which I like to use for shorter trips but it’s hard to beat the auto fill! I’m contemplating trying one of their smaller soft cover books next, has anyone tried those?

Pinhole Press
Love the printed cover that Pinhole Press offers. It’s sleek, clean and just plain easier than a dust jacket. Pinhole doesn’t offer auto fill but if you layout your photos before importing it’s not too bad to fill the book yourself. I find a glass of wine helps! I also love their full page spreads, some photos are just so good you want them across both pages.

My only complaint for both companies would be the option to label the spine of the book. I know that probably isn’t the easiest task but in my head I’d love to have a stack of photo books with the spines neatly labelled. Wouldn’t that be nice!? With any company I think the key in putting together a photo book is organizing your photos outside of the site you’re using. I usually follow a sequential order from the trip. This makes it so much easier once you’re designing online.

Do you guys make photos book? I’d love to know what other companies you have used! Here are a few more companies I found online but haven’t tried them yet. 

The biggest difference in these companies and the two I’ve mentioned above seem to be the amount of options. So if you want to choose everything from the type of paper, back ground color etc. then one of these companies may work better than the two above. Pinhole Press and Artifact Uprising are both pretty simple and clean with their layouts and designs which I love but I know that’s not for everyone. 

- Heath

PS I forgot to mention both companies have great customer service too! I’ve contacted them for various reasons and been really pleased.


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