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MK mentioned that she finally got her photos organized in February (sadly loosing 1,000+ of them with her old iPhone went a long way in getting this job done) so we wanted to share a few things that stuck out in getting this done.

I read somewhere, do not start by going back through all of your old photos and trying to get them organized.  It's too difficult of a task!  Develop a new system and then implement that system moving forward.  At least all of your new photos will be organized moving forward, and you can go back bit by bit when you have time to work on old photos.

This concept resonated with me big time. I've actually been doing really well with my photo process since we started blogging. I upload my photos regularly by event and even started backing up our computers. So mostly this concept just made me feel a little less guilty about the 1000+ photos I have stored on our external hard drive that aren't printed or even in a book in our home. It's so sad but I didn't have a routine at the time so I just never got around to it. I'm hoping I'll get to it fairly soon with this new organization though.

If you're curious, here's the system we landed on:  

1 - Use an IPhone reminder for one night a month to upload miscellaneous iPhone and camera photos 
2 - Unload vacation/event photos within a week 
3 - Save them to an online photos site(flickr etc)
4 - Organize into events and labeled folders with dates 
5 - Go through quickly to delete duplicates and out of focus shots
6 - Organize photos into preferred sequential order for photo book 
7 - Prepare photo book! 
 8 - Print and frame photos!! 

We know this isn't breaking news but this process has really helped us get more organized so we though we'd share. Any other tips or tricks we should know?

Next on the list - photo books and framing!

- Heath

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