Spring Trends

ONE: Mules seem to be everywhere right now. I was hesitant at first but I'm completely on board now and on the lookout for a good pair to add to my Spring french five. I love how simple and clean they are!

TWO: Jumpsuits have been around for a little while now but they seem to be even bigger than ever this year. I've been seeing casual and even dressy jumpsuits in magazines and ads for Spring. I love the versatility of them and the comfort is an obvious sell. 

THREE: I'm on the fence on the slides trend. It reminds me of soccer sandals from when we were growing up but they are all the rage right now. On one hand they are so comfortable so why not go for it, on the other hand they just aren't very pretty! This mix between the a slide and a Birkenstock is kind of a beginners version that I may try. 

FOUR: Loving the flared denim that is everywhere right now. The key to me is the flare starting just below your knee (not your calf!) and the they seem to require a heel which kind of stinks but a wedge works too and would be perfect for spring! 

FIVE: Hats are somewhat of a leftover effect of the winter hat trend but they are sticking around and in all forms for Spring. If you're already comfortable with a wide sun hat and Panama hat try a light colored fedora for a fresh look. 

I may be jumping the gun a little talking about Spring but it's right around the corner and if you don't snatch a few new pieces now they'll be sold out when you get around to it later. A mistake I always make! What other trends are you seeing for Spring?

- Heath

flared denim via Style Domaine


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