Friday Night Meatballs

UPDATE - we forgot to include the link originally!  It's now added below :)

I've seen this article floating around the internet a few places, first on Cup of Jo and also on Oh Happy Day, and I think it's getting attention for good reason.  If you haven't heard of this Friday Night Meatballs tradition, go check it out....

Doesn't this sound like the most fun idea?  This lady and her husband host friends every Friday night for spaghetti and meatballs. I love this idea! It's a no fuss, no formal invitation kind of night - everyone's invited including kids!

It got me thinking about dinner traditions in general. Wouldn't it be great to take the thinking out if dinner one night a week? It almost makes that meal more special when it's a tradition too! 

Charlotte friends stay tuned we may try to implement this tradition or something similar soon!

- Heath

image via Kinfolk Magazine


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