A Fresh Gallery Wall

Do you guys have a photo wall in your home?  Do you love them/hate them?  We have a little wall in our guest room that's slowly filling up with family photos and it's one of my favorite parts of our home - I love walking past it filled with memories.  I've had the above photo of India Hick's dining room saved forever.  I love how the photos make a formal dining room seem much less stuffy, but I also think I like how all of the photos are propped along a rail instead of formally hung.


Are you into the idea of gallery walls along a picture ledge instead of formally hung?  In some ways it makes things feel much more casual, more collected and much easier to switch photos around.  I think for me personally I prefer how the top photo includes frames that are in different shades/colors.  The all black and all white frames feel a little too clean (cold) to me, but those may be what others prefer!  Regardless I'm thinking this is a fun, inexpensive solution to switch up the plain ole' gallery wall!
~Mary Keller


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