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MK's spot in the Hamptons | dinner at The Meeting House |Virginia playing in the water at Discovery Place | Food truck Friday | Saturday charcuterie | Wolffer vineyard | Ina spotting on Main St. | Virginia on a Sunday stroll 

Happy Monday guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. MK is home from the Hamptons and her photos officially have it on my list of must dos! Her girls weekend consisted of lots of good food, shopping and a stop at Wolffer winery too. Sounds awesome!

Meanwhile Virginia had a blast here in Charlotte with her grandparents. They went to Discovery Place and took lots of walks on her favorite tricycle - with her sunglasses of course! Andy and I went to food truck Friday in Southend, did lots of errands on Saturday and ended the weekend with a yummy brunch with friends (and their sweet baby girl) on Sunday. Overall it was an awesome weekend!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

- Heath


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