Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! Hope everyone had a good week! MK is in the Hamptons this weekend for a girls weekend and I am very very very jealous. Doesn't that sounds wonderful?! Andy and I have a low key weekend of food truck Friday and maybe a anniversary dinner here. Any Charlotte folks been? I've heard wonderful things, but it's so hard to drag me out of my little city bubble!

JD's parents are in town visiting/helping out with Virginia while MK is away. I'm sure V will be in heaven with all the attention and love from her grandparents!

A few findings to get your weekend started...

ONE | This asparagus pasta dish from Fresh Exchange sounds like the perfect spring dish. I'm looking forward to some dinners al fresco, it really is my favorite time of the year. Megan recommends serving it with a rose which reminded me I haven't had any yet. Now a must for this weekend! 

TWO | It's official I've become obsessed with lighting! How cool is this chandelier in Sally King Benedict's home featured on Lark and Linen? Her entire home is beautiful but this chandelier stopped me in my tracks. 

THREE | I'm sure it's no surprise, I love a good sister duo so I love the My Sister My Sidekick series on Say Yes! The latest with the sisters behind the brand Sonnet James is no exception. What a cool brand - one sister behind the design, one behind the lens and their sister in law modeling the clothing. Isn't that awesome?!
FOUR | Victoria talked about the never ending quest for work/life balance this week. I always find it interesting how people manage their day to day lives. I think it's the absolute hardest balance to find no matter your profession! And bonus - the post is a link up so click through to learn how lots of others juggle the two as well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

- Heath


  1. It sounds like a perfect weekend for you both. I live about an hour from Charlotte and have heard a lot about the food truck Friday - how fun! This mother/daughter duo are also obsessed with lighting and the more statement making the better…Sally King Benedict always gets it right! Happy Monday!