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In the past, Andy and I have picked a destination we wanted to visit and planned a trip from there. But last year when we decided we wanted to pick a destination a little further away we started doing a little research on flights. I discovered Kayak Explore. It's not new so you may have been using it for years, but it's so useful I thought it's worth mentioning! It is the perfect tool for helping you determine flight costs to cities all over the world. From there we can see a quick scan of the least expensive flights from our home airport (Charlotte) and filter other options like non stop, flight times etc. too. I'll warn you because it is solely searching on flight costs a lot of flights/trips that come up are for 30 days or a random unrealistic amount of time but you can at a minimum get an idea of a possible flight costs and do a little more searching afterwards.

We discovered our flights to Istanbul through Explore and this year Andy and I have a few smaller trips booked all for really awesome prices just from watching Explore costs.

Have you ever used it? Do you plan your trips a different way? I'd love to hear, I could read/talk about travel all day!!

- Heath

image taken over Toronto, Canada from our flight to Istanbul 


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