Happy Friday

Happy Friday guys! Hope everyone had a nice week. I'm so looking forward to this weekend! My parents are coming into town on Sunday for Easter. We're doing lots of cooking for Easter Brunch and an egg hunt for Virginia too. She's at the best age right now, I love spending time with that sweet girl. And I saw the video from her school egg so I can't wait to see her in action!

A few things that caught our eye to get you weekend started...

ONE: I loved this article "12 Artists You Need to Know" on Glitter Guide this week. Chassity Evans pulled together 12 artists you may not have heard of yet and they're all so talented it's hard to pick a favorite. I can't not mention Laura Naples and Kristen Giorgi though, I just can't get enough of all their work! Remember their gorgeous homes here and here.

TWO: Domaine Home released "7 Young Interior Designers to Watch" this week and this image caught my eye. That light is amazing right?! After MK's post earlier this week I've been noticing lighting more and more and it can make such a big impact on a room.

THREE: I know I'm a broken record with the whole French Five concept, but if you're not tired of hearing about it Everygirl released an article about creating a Capsule Collection that got my attention. I've been doing French Five for almost a year now and I really love it!

FOUR: I am the opposite of a DIYer but I would really really like for someone to make me a hand full of these gorgeous DIY placemats. I'm always on the look out of fun and casual linens to offset the otherwise formal feel of my antique dining room furniture. These would be gorgeous with green in my house!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

- Heath


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