Work Uniform

Have you guys read this article "Why I wear the same thing to work everyday"? I originally found it through Cup of Jo and have since read every version of the article there is, I'm obsessed! Female art director, Matilda Kahl, got feed up with being late and/or frazzled getting dressed and arriving to work daily. So she decided to eliminate that stress from her day and decided she would develop a work uniform. She wears the same black pants, white silk shirt, a personal memento - a black leather rosette - around her neck daily.

Ironically I was just speaking with some coworkers about work uniforms. After a women I work with asked me in a stressful moment if she was accidentally wearing the same thing she wore on a few days earlier, a male coworker told us he wears the same 4 shirts every Monday through Thursday. I've been working with this guy for a year now and NEVER noticed this! Fast forward a week or so and I read this article - I think the universe is telling me to develop a work uniform.

MK mentioned "I think hair and makeup become more important when you wear the same thing everyday. Otherwise you become a boring hag. A new fresh lipstick, keeping your hair cut and style up to date are key here". I couldn't agree more! She also mentioned that she has somewhat of a work rotation, which is kind of a meet in the middle option, black skinny pants and a few tops she wears weekly. This may be a good way to ease into this uniform or may work even better for some people if one shirt is too boring.

Also, I won't lie, a major reason this is appealing to me is because a work uniform would allow me to shop for my work wardrobe only once a year and then think about fun clothing at all other times. I typically try to buy clothes that fit the bill for work and play but in all honesty it just makes me land on more traditional (read boring!) play clothes because my work is so conservative. In some situations this works and is an awesome option but in my case, my work is much more conservative than my taste outside the office which makes it difficult!

As noted by Matilda, this process allows you to find a uniform that is quintessentially you. You can see her work uniform, pictured above, is far from boring but still professional and appropriate for any office! I think I just might do it!

What do you think? Would you wear a work uniform?

- Heath

Image via Harpers Bazaar


  1. Heath, I LOVE this. Many thoughts heading in many different directions here, but I'll try to keep it to the point. Your water cooler conversation with coworkers reminded me of this story ( Yes, her job is in the public eye, but I think the conclusion of the experiment is clear, especially for those of us who are not on TV or photographed for our occupation. Work shouldn't have to be a fashion show.

    I'm in.