Around Here | Memorial Day

Happy Wednesday guys!  One of the best things about a long weekend is the short week that follows!  We're back from the beach and getting caught up.  It was a really good, little vacation guys!  Seriously so much fun!  Truthfully a vacation with 20+ adults, plus kids, can be all chaos and short on fun, but the weekend just perfectly worked out and I think everyone had the best time.  Heath, Andy, J.D., Virginia and I stayed with my cousins from Australia and their families.  We had the BEST time visiting with them and thinking about past memories with our grandparents.  We almost never get to see them, and it was the perfect reunion/farewell party as one of them moves to England in just a few weeks.

We spent our days riding bikes (hello 6am bike rides with Virginia to try to let the rest of the house sleep in!), jumping waves, and playing in the tide pools.  We ate picnic style lunches on the beach, and of course my mom, Andy, dad and my aunt's all fixed delicious family style dinners.  On the last night, Andy and my dad smoked four pork butts for a birthday party feast.  Once we got the kids to bed in the evenings, us cousins stayed up talking and enjoying too many adult beverages.  Just a really relaxing, fun time.

Virginia also became fast friends with two of her second cousins, Ella and Owen!  She was obsessed and would light up at their attention.  (We got some cute pics of them fortunately, but I'm trying to limit how much I show of them since this is a public blog!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!  I'm think I'm now officially ready to welcome summer.

~Mary Keller

p.s. how cute are children in rash guard swim suits!  My aunt was rocking one on the beach too, and I'm now obsessed!  I'm lame and get cold on the beach, plus I like to cover up, so I'm thinking these may be perfect for me.


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