Friday Findings

TGIF!  So excited the long weekend is here!  Anyone up to something fun?!  We're headed to the beach for a family reunion with my mom's side of the family.  We'll be seeing cousins and aunts and uncles who we haven't seen in years, and meeting kiddos we've never gotten to meet.  It should be so much fun in a crazy, chaotic way - lots of people, lots of food, and my mom's even planned a birthday luau for my aunt.  Should be a good time, and I can't wait to see my little Virginia running on the beach.

A few things before we hit the beach....

ONE | I loved this little post on what Jamie "knows" after celebrating a recent birthday.  I was nodding my head along with so many things - I always feel better when I do my hair and get dressed, exercise, every once in a while have one too many drinks, etc.  What would you add?  I'd add that I know I need time with my family when things get crazy busy. 

TWO | Do you guys follow 9to5 Chic?  Heath said she thinks she can do no wrong lately, and I have to agree.  She's at the tippy top of my list of style icons, and even though I can't afford anything she wears, it's still fun to dream. 

THREE | Have you guys heard of House Account?  The Love List did a great piece on this new app.  (Fun fact Charlotte friends- this app was created by owner of Capitol, Laura Vinroot!  I had no idea!)  I haven't ever used House Account but it seems like a clever way to support small, local business with the ease of online shopping.  I have to say, I shop online far too often now with Virginia around, but I hate how mainstream clothes are online.  This may be the solution!

FOUR | Would you ever have a Stranger Dinner PartyJordan (dinner party guru) hosted a dinner party where everyone she invited was asked to bring along a different guest who Jordan didn't know.  Doesn't that sound like such a fun idea?  It would be a great way to meet more people.  (Image included here is from a past Blue Apron dinner party she threw with friends - another good idea for quickly throwing a weeknight dinner party.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!  A million thank yous to everyone who has served or is serving in our armed forces - Happy Memorial Day to you all!!

~Mary Keller


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