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Heath flying in over Central Park | Friday night margaritas! | beautiful Quail Hollow golf tournament | Virginia waiving "bye bye" to everyone quickly on her way out of the tournament | New York bagel | Saturday afternoon relaxing in NYC | Oysters at Mary's Fish Camp | Antipasto in the West Village at Morandi
Happy Monday guys!  We had such a relaxing weekend and hope you guys did too.  J.D., Virginia and I started our weekend with tacos and margaritas, and were up Saturday morning to head to the golf tournament together.  Virginia didn't last long - she had a tough time understanding that we needed to be quiet when close to the golfers!  We quickly decided we better get home before the tournament made that decision for us.  We spent the rest of the sunny weekend going for walks, playing in the sprinkler and watching the tourney at home with friends.
I've only seen a few snippets of Heath & Andy's weekend in New York, but it looks like they're having an amazing time.  They met up with friends for a drink on Saturday, made it to what I know will be Heath's favorite shop in the world and have been doing lots and lots of eating.  I can't wait to hear more when they get home today.
Have a good week guys!  Memorial Day weekend is almost here!
~Mary Keller


  1. Love Clare V - their leopard clutch is a favorite! We also played golf this weekend with a 3 year old and yes, sometimes tough for them to understand they have to be quiet during a tournament!! Happy start to your week ~