Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys!  I'm so ready for the weekend!  Heath & Andy are actually heading to New York for the weekend to spend a fun little weekend in the city - another Kayak Explore crazy deal find!  J.D., Virginia and I are sticking close to home and have plans to go to the Quail Hollow tournament tomorrow.  It's always so much fun and one of my favorite weekends of the year.  I love just walking around, being in the sunshine and seeing all the golfers.  Should be a really fun time.

A few things that caught our attention before we head into the weekend....

ONE | The Love List ran a great interview with the jewelry designer behind this amazing Goldbug Collection.  I love these little goldbugs!  I gave my mom a pair of earrings as a thank you for keeping Virginia one weekend, and I officially think I may need a pair of my own!

TWO | Are you guys seeing this book everywhere lately?  I feel like I keep seeing it everywhere!  I did a pretty major purge in January, but I'm curious to read this book and maybe get rid of even more stuff.

THREE | Emily Henderson has a few simple tips on outdoor entertaining.  These pictures have me wanting to invite friends over again for a casual dinner before it gets way too hot.

FOUR | Heath bookmarked this feature on "chic hostels" on Domaine.  She actually said, "I'm book marking this for myself, not you MK!"  Have you guys ever stayed in a hostel?  I haven't (and don't really plan to!).  Heath is a true adventurer and will happily stay in a hostel, and some of these look cool enough that I could maybe get on board with them!  Heath and Andy are actually staying in a hostel like place this weekend that she's heard great things about so we'll have her report back! :)

Have a good weekend guys!  Cheers to Friday!

~Mary Keller


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