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Happy Monday guys!  Thanks goodness it's a short week!  I'm seriously so excited for the 4th of July long weekend!  J.D. and I went to Atlanta for the night over the weekend to visit best friends.  It was a short visit - but so much fun!  Our friends are expecting a baby boy, plus they just bought a new house (cutest house ever!) so we had lots to celebrate.  Our visit made me miss Atlanta.

My mom and Heath were sweet enough to watch Virginia - a girls weekend slumber party!  We took Virginia with us to Greenville on our way to Atlanta so she got to visit with my parents and grandparents for the day.  She stripped her clothes and had the best time with their watering can, her new favorite toy.  She's still talking about her "Tata" and grinning when we mention (great) Granddaddy so I think she enjoyed herself.

A good weekend, and now just a few short days before we can relax again.  Heath and my mom both have early July birthdays so we'll have more to celebrate this weekend too!!  Hope everyone has a good week!

~Mary Keller


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