Friday Findings

Happy Friday friends! What is everyone up to this weekend? Andy and I are in town for what seems like the first weekend in ages.  We're planning to take full advantage, grabbing drinks with some friends tonight, a baby shower tomorrow and lots of cooking!

MK is off to Chicago for work and strangely enough JD is off to Chicago as well to celebrate a milestone birthday for his dad! They're going to a cubs game and enjoying a classic Chicago steak. Sounds so fun!

A few things we found around the web...

ONE | Happy to see Lauren from Perpetually Chic is blogging again. I've always enjoyed her posts and her latest favorite cookbooks is no exception. I've bookmarked "Seasons" next, a perfect compliment to our weekly CSA loot!

TWO | Victoria posted this super easy recipe for sangria and I'm almost ashamed to admit it never even crossed my mind to use frozen fruit before now.  It's simple yet genius right? I love a pre-made cocktail so I bookmarked the fancy version for another day too!

THREE | Confession - Andy keeps every single one of our plants alive. So while I'm not overly knowledgeable about this area I have strong feelings and I LOVE the feeling plants give a room. After reading Chanel Dror's post on Camille Styles I've now added a snake plant and a golden pothos to my list! 

FOUR | I'm a total sucker for a home renovation, especially a kitchen! I was just telling Andy last night throughout all our home searching it's funny how many kitchens I've remodeled in my head. This Domaine renovation didn't have major structural changes but a complete refresh of the home, and that range is dreamy! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

- Heath 


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