Pillow Talk

I've just about "finished" our master bedroom redo, and I'm really happy with how everything has turned out so far.  Only two little details that I still need to check off - an accent pillow for the bed, and a ceiling light fixture.  (I'll take some pictures soon to share the progress!)  I have of course been over analyzing the pillow for our bed trying to figure out what I like.  I've gathered lots of different looks below, and I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have an opinion.

To paint a visual picture, we now have a king bed!  (Oh my gosh, I never knew how much I needed a king bed in my life until we got one!)  I like really simple bedding, and for my own home I don't love tons of pillows.  Just sharing that in case it sways your vote!  Our bedding is simple white, and our drapes are in the fabric shown here.  I'd like to have a pillow made in the same fabric.

1 |  My original plan was to go with one large lumbar pillow - something that will make a clear, simple visual statement, and something large enough to show off the fabric.

2 | Two small bolsters in front of shams may be my all time favorite look, but I wonder if small bolsters would look too small on the king bed.  I also wonder if you could really see the pretty fabric on bolsters this small.

3 | Two accent pillows with pattern behind shams is also a beautiful look.  I probably won't go this direction because I think two pillows are more expensive than one (and require more fabric!) but I still would love to do something like this in a guest room sometime.

4 | This image with three accent pillows had me thinking - am I supposed to use two shams or three on a king bed?  I like a simple look with two, but J.D. thinks it looks bare and is pushing for three.

5 | I also really love this look with one large bolster.  It seems a little more formal than the top lumbar pillow, but I can't decide if it seems too formal??

6 | Last but not least (because I'm pretty much obsessed with this entire room), I love this look with two simple lumbar pillows and one pretty accent pillow.  It seems sweet and simple at the same time. 

So what do you guys think?  I think my vote is for look 1, 5 and 6, but it's really hard because they're all beautiful.  Do you love lots of pillows, or just one or two?  I owe my seamstress an answer this week! :)

~Mary Keller


  1. I like 1 and 4! Can't wait to see the pictures of master bedroom!

    1. Thanks Betsey! As I was laying in bed this morning I started thinking I'm going with 1 - I think Virginia would think it was fun to watch tv with one big pillow while I'm getting ready in the morning. :) hate to miss your shower this weekend!
      ~Mary Keller

  2. I really like 1 and 4 as well:)