Swim Style

Sitting on the beach a few weeks ago over Memorial day weekend it hit me, it's swimsuit season! I've been thinking about swimsuit styles a lot since then. I have a few suits that are a few years old but I started thinking I may need an update this year. There are so many options available it can be overwhelming but after sorting through the prints, and brightly colored solids, I decided to be consistent with my wardrobe and stay simple and neutral.  So here's where I landed...

black bikini; striped rash guard and bottom; simple black one piece and black bandeau one piece

I love how simple each of the looks above are without being boring. There are prints and colors everywhere right now but for me nothing beats a classic! I'd love to hear, what's your swim style?

Swimsuits are the trickiest so I'd love to know where you have good luck finding yours too.

- Heath

PS my aunt wore a rash guard over Memorial day and I officially need to own one now! 

image 1 and 3 via Pinterest, image 2


  1. I just bought a big, black, floppy had for my vacation just like the one pictured in the bottom left. Now I need the bathing suit shown to go with it!!

    1. Brenna I love a big hat on the beach. Looks good and protects your face from the sun! I'm definitely in the market for a chic black one piece too, such a classic look!