Charcuterie Plates of Instagram

Charcuterie Plates of Instagram: Because we're clearly obsessed with charcuterie plates, and I want a place to file away inspiration for ingredients and ideas to copy for presentation....

ONE | From fashion designer Heidi Merrick's Instagram feed (@hmerrick).  Love the simple presentation on a wooden slab.  Paired with a big green salad in a wooden bowl, a blanket and a carafe of water or wine, this looks like a perfectly simple picnic dinner.

TWO | From Camille Styles stylist Chanel Dror's Instagram feed (@chaneldror).  I know grapes are popular with wine and cheese, but I don't often include them on a cheese plate.  This combo looks fresh for summer - brie, baguette, olives, grapes, almonds, blue cheese plus pomegranate seeds.  (Also, this technically isn't a charcuterie plate without cured meat I don't think, but it still looks like the perfect combo to enjoy with wine to me.)

THREE | From stylist and bloger Tiffany Mitchell's feed (@tifforelie).  Of course Tiffany can make cheese cubes look chic!  I usually stick to full wedges of cheese on charcuterie plates, but I think these small cubes make an unusual presentation.  Lots of different cheeses, almonds, olives, a few strawberries, salami plus different cured meats, all crammed on a wooden slab, plus wine and that's my perfect Friday night.

Also, I think that these smaller bites above may encourage younger kids to try these yummy treats.  Virginia is obsessed with really good olives now after nibbling them off our charcuterie plates.  They're seriously her favorite things.  I get a small container from the olive bar every week now and she will munch on them while I make dinner.  I think these kind of little nibbles are a good way to extend a child's taste buds.  We had company this past weekend and a friend gave his 14 month old a nibble of creamy blue cheese.  The child's face lite up and he grinned when he tasted it.  You won't have that luck every time, but I'll take even just a few successes every so often.

~Mary Keller


  1. Next time you are in Charleston check out Goat Sheep Cow. You can select your own combinations from their huge variety or they will put a plate together for you. One of my favorite things to do for a party if I don't have time to shop and put one together for myself, I just call and they put it together.

    1. I LOVE Goat Sheep Cow! and I'm so excited because my next door neighbor is opening a similar place right down the street from us in Charlotte. It's going to be dangerous b/c it's in walking distance! The main thing I'm excited about it picking up things for a party. Isn't it just the easiest? and I swear sometimes it's less expensive because you're buying only what you need! xoxo,