Hanna Seabrook for Draper James

Have you guys heard of Reese Witherspoon's new brand, Draper James? It caught my eye a week or so ago but today it stopped me completely when I saw their recent collaboration with Hanna Seabrook of Gadabout.

Hanna has amazing taste, proof in the constant gorgeous inspiration found on her blog and Instagram, and this collection is no exception. Born and raised the south, Hanna now lives in Kentucky, and appreciates a handwritten note. The entire collection is found here, my favorites are the "a little bird told me" and "hello darling" note cards.

The color scheme of the entire collection is gorgeous, lots of navy, pale blue and gold! And an Instagram commenter mentioned the size of the cards are bigger than most too, more room for your letters to loved ones!  I've actually been running low on my personalized stationary and haven't had a chance to order more so in the meantime I'm making do with sets like this to fill in the gaps.

- Heath

All images from Draper James and Hanna Seabrook Instagram


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