Happy Friday

Happy Friday guys!  We finally made it to the weekend!  I don't know what it was this week but I was dragging big time!  I'm needing this weekend to regroup and relax.

Heath and her best friends from college met in Portland, Maine this weekend for their annual girls' trip!  I'm so excited for them and jealous.  I've been hearing about this trip for a few months but I just realized they were in Maine and not Oregon. :)  I've never been to Maine but it's on my list for sure - Heath was a nanny there for an entire summer one year and raves about!  Can't wait to see pictures when they get back.

J.D.'s going to a best friends's wedding this weekend, and Virginia and I are hanging out and having girl time.  I'm excited to do simple stuff like grocery shop, go on neighborhood walks and get frozen yogurt. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

~Mary Keller

This amazing image was found here!  I don't think it's Maine, but this summer beach party looks unreal.


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