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Heath and her besties | beautiful coastal Maine | the rocky shoreline | my Virginia on a pajama morning stroll | our farmers market loot | bike riding | relaxing on a Sunday | pretty lighthouse view
Happy Monday guys!  This weekend was a good one and I needed it!  Virginia and I pretty much did nothing but relaxed.  It was truly what I needed.  Friday night we walked to get pizza before J.D. left for a friend's wedding Saturday morning.  Virginia was (surprisingly!) so well behaved and it was just one of those nice evenings - pizza, beer and early to bed!  Saturday J.D. took off and Virginia and I went to the farmers market, got tacos for lunch, napped, played in her little baby pool, had peanut butter and jelly dinners and were in bed when it was still light outside. :)  just perfect!
Heath had her annual girls weekend with her best friends from college.  They pick a new city every year and meet.  I think it's so fun that they've kept this up and I cannot wait to hear all about Portland, Maine.  From the little I've seen, it looked amazing!  She'll be sharing a recap soon!
Hope everyone has a good week! 
~Mary Keller


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