Happy Friday

Good morning and happy Friday guys! We had no intention of letting the blog go but the past few weeks have been crazy in the best way possible. A few weeks ago MK mentioned Andy and I had some very exciting personal news... we didn't want to share until everything was final but on Wednesday of this week we closed on a house! We're so excited! We aren't moving in quite yet but my head is already spinning with all sorts of decorating, painting, and maybe some minor renovations too. Now that it's ours I'm sure you'll be seeing more about everything shortly and I'll of course be asking for advice throughout the process. Thanks for being patient with us as we navigate the next few busy weeks.

Andy and I are going to whip up a yummy dinner this weekend to properly celebrate and this delicious pasta looks perfect with some rose don't you think?!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

- Heath


  1. Congrats on the house, Heath!!! I was wondering what the status was!

  2. YAY HEATH!!! So exciting! :o)

  3. So excited for you…can't wait to see!! Enjoy your weekend!