Back from the Beach

We're back from the beach and have been playing major catch up!  We got home a little over a week ago, and I swear I think this may have been my all time favorite vacation.  Virginia was just such a doll, and I had so much fun with my family.  Pretty much all we did was relax.  (We snuck in a little work when needed, but for the most part we tried to really just relax.)  Virginia fed the ducks, went for bike rides, fished with my dad (or pretended), and fed seagulls on the beach.  She played hard and loved the sand, waves and water.  My parents spoiled us fixing yummy dinners and watching Virginia whenever she needed a little extra entertainment.  We have tons of photos to still go through, but I wanted to share these of my happy girl. 
Heath and Andy came home to work a few days, and then headed back down to the beach with their best couple friends and their babies.  Their beach company included two babies under 12 months, so I'm sure they're ready for a little peace and quite after two baby filled vacations!  Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer.  After checking our beach vacation off the list, it really feels like we're creeping into fall!  I'm excited but miss summer already! 

~Mary Keller


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