TGIF - Beach Bound!

Happy Friday guys!  So excited the weekend is here - we're actually beach bound for the next week!  For most people it feels like summer is wrapping up, but we take our vacation so late and it makes summer feel like it lasts a little longer.  I'm looking forward to walking on the beach, lazy mornings and slow evenings, and spending lots of quality time with Virginia.  I also can't wait to see Virginia's excitement to spend lots of time with family - I have a feeling she'll be begging her Grumpy for lots of walks to the dock and lots of trips to feed the ducks. :)

Before I make it down to Litchfield, I'm stopping in Charleston for a little reunion with my best girls from high school.  We're way overdue for a visit, so I'm super excited.  Our agenda includes a long, leisurely lunch (no kids!), a little shopping in downtown Charleston, and then we'll park it the rest of the afternoon and evening at my friend's amazing house and pool on Daniel Island.  It should be perfectly relaxing.

Last thing before we head out - I know things have been quiet around here!  Same excuses - too many things on the to do list, too few hours in the day!  Good news is I've never felt more caught up, productive and super busy at work, Heath's house is coming together amazingly quickly (it looks so good!), and we've had lots of fun nights with friends lately.  Life's good!!

Have a good weekend guys!
~Mary Keller


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