Photo Diary | Weekend in Austin

View from Zilker Clubhouse
A few weeks ago I took a quick trip to Austin to visit my close friend, Dinah. She married Colin in February in Charleston, South Carolina. Since their wedding was pretty far from where they live they hosted a party for all their Texas friends in Austin afterwards.  As promised here’s a full recap of my weekend. 

Most of our day Saturday was spent setting up for the party at Zilker Clubhouse. We were lucky to have weather in the 80s, so we didn’t mind doing a little setup with this view in the background. If you’ve been to Austin you probably know about Zilker Park, it’s massive and beautiful! Here are a few shots from the party that evening. This clubhouse is wonderful you guys; I can’t believe a public park has such a great venue. The view of downtown Austin, Zilker Park and Town Lake is gorgeous!

Flowers, cupcakes and the Happy Couple ; Band and evening view from Zilker Clubhouse
Sunday was a day of recovery if you will; we spent some time relaxing around my friend’s new home and neighborhood and then ventured to Abel’s on the Lake for mimosas and brunch. Brace yourself for what we did next – we went to Ginny’s Little Longhorn and played a round of Chicken Sh** Bingo. Yes you read that right. On Sunday’s from 4 to 8 this little gem of a bar lets you buy a space on their bingo board/chicken coop for $2. Then you sit back and wait for the chicken to you know… We weren’t fully prepared for what was about to happen as we were just stopping by on the way to dinner but to our surprise he did his business quickly and we were able to witness this spectacle they call bingo.
Once in a lifetime experience 
Yes that is me standing with the lead singer of the band – you guys I won! Can you believe it? I couldn’t! I was so excited until I realized I was being summoned to the stage/front of the bar. If you know me you know I do NOT like to be the focal point much less the middle of this chaos. The rest of the story isn’t great; it’s basically me answering the lead singer’s questions like a 5th grader scared out of her mind. Long story short I won $114 and bet on the house and ended up winning $119. I’ll take it! We had dinner and drinks and celebrated Colin’s birthday afterwards at Moonshine. It was tasty, I would definitely recommend it. 
2nd Street shops and Coffee at Medici
Ok moving on to Monday phew, Sunday was exhausting! We went into downtown Austin that morning and had a cappuccino and a muffin at Medici. It was delicious and hit the spot. Perfect little  coffee shop for an early morning chat. We walked over to 2nd street next. It has the perfect mix of clothing, jewelry and home shops.  We specifically loved Mercury and their blend of local, vintage and new jewelry, paper products, books and accessories. Also Girl Next Door, where we found Mother Denim! We stopped for a quick break and some sparkling water from Jo’s coffee before heading to Taco Deli for lunch and then headed to the airport.

Taco Deli
It was a short but successful trip! So happy Dinah has found such a happy little life in Austin, if only it were closer to Charlotte! Thank you so much for your hospitality Dinah and Colin. We hope to get back to Austin soon!

- Heath

Image of Dinah and Colin and Evening view by Jennifer Tabangcora


  1. Love the recap Heathie! Glad you guys had fun! Thanks so much for making the trip all the way to Texas! Hope all of you can make it out again soon!

  2. I found your page while looking for a photo of Zilker Park Clubhouse. I am getting married in May 2015, and I would like to use your photo of the light for my wedding website. I was seeing if you had any problem with this. If you do, please email (real email address) and I will take it down/give you credit.

    Thanks in advance,