So much progress on the renovation!

Guys there has been so much progress on the kitchen renovation!  I'm really surprised how much things have changed over just one week!  We've begun making some of the finish selections.  I was getting a bit nervous about my decision to paint the lower cabinets black, but then Lacquered Life blog posted the kitchen below from Country Living and I fell in love again.

Along with the black lower cabinets, we'll be painting the upper cabinets white.  We've selected Carrera marble on the counter tops and a 3"x 6" Carrera tile as the backsplash.  I've heard nothing but horror stories about using Carrera marble so we're probably crazy!  I just can't find a white granite that looks clean enough, I've always loved Carrera, and similar looking Quartz options are waaay too pricey!  We've selected unlacquered brass hardware, simple knobs for our doors and bin pulls for the drawers.  I'd love to do an unlacquered brass faucet, but the options we're finding are still too pricey!  The faucet shown below is lacquered--why do they triple the price NOT to lacquer the brass?!


Below are the latest progress shots:

 The back of the house with the kitchen.  This wall used to have a small window and single door.  We removed the single door and instead will add French doors on the other side.  No more view of our neighbors doing their dishes!
Back of the house with the temporary door.  This temporary door will become our French doors.  Clearly they still have a lot of old electrical items to move!  The view out the French doors will be so much better than the last door location.

Inside the kitchen, the former window has been covered.  The stove will go along this wall.

The new sink will go under this existing window.

The wall that separated the old breakfast room and kitchen is officially gone!  The wall used to be in between these two windows.  It looks so much bigger now.

Looking through the kitchen to where the French doors will eventually be.  The new doors will add so much needed light to this space!

This wall used to have a small window and exterior doors.  Those have been covered and this wall will have our fridge, pantry, desk and oven.  The framing for the pantry is in place!  (Pantries are such a luxury in our neighborhood.  Kitchens are often so small!)

~Mary Keller


  1. Your ideas for your renovated kitchen are spectacular! I can even imagine how this project will end up. I'll be watching your succeeding posts to see what other surprising materials are incorporated in the kitchen. By the way, I bet you're also looking forward to that good looking wood cabinets. Am I right? :)

  2. I am in LOVE with the kitchen in the first pic that is inspiring you! I think your kitchen will look incredible with black bottom cabinets and white on top. When we re-do our kitchen, we are hoping for a similar look...too much brown now! Can't wait to see final pics!

  3. The dark and light shades made that kitchen spectacular. This is indeed a great choice for your inspiration! I'm pretty sure that you'll end up with a phenomenal kitchen too! If ever you'll have some troubles with your kitchen redo, don't hesitate to come and ask for the help of contractors and pros with this job. Their technical ideas will prevent you from doing more harm than good. :)

  4. Aside from windows, doors can also pave way for natural light. It pays to install french doors or glass doors to let light inside your space. That's why you made a good call in installing a French door in your kitchen. It'll not only make your space brighter but it also create an illusion of space.