Caroline's Ceramics


A few weeks ago I came across an image on Instagram that made me super happy. I love finding interesting new people and that is exactly what this image lead me to. Wish I could find the original image but it was similar to that above. That day I discovered Caroline Reehl's art.

Have you guys seen or heard of Caroline Reehl's work? She is a very talented ceramics artist out of Raleigh, NC. Check out her work here in her etsy shop. It's simple and sophisticated, a little southern and a lot ladylike! I'm not usually overly feminine with my choices and definitely don't favor roses but something about the soft flowers agains the simple ceramics is just the right mix.

"Applying flowers in her work. Caroline uses them as a metaphor for strong Southern women. Each piece is at the peak of the bloom and represents internal strength and external beauty. She intends for each piece to have its own vivid personality and to bring joy to each home"

Take a look at some of her amazing work below. I'm particularly loving her use of on the front porch. Such a great idea to soften the entryway of a home!

Isn't her work beautiful? I just love that wild fern(is that a fern?) in the first photo against the classic flowers on the vase?

- Heath

All photos and information via Leavie Rose, Caroline's blog


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Was not expecting to see this when I was doing my weekly read with you guys. LOVE your blog! Please send me your address :) Redesigning my website and will have something new up next week.

  2. Hi Caroline! So excited to hear from you! We will send you an email now ( Heath and I definitely want to keep up with your work. I think a piece is already on each of our Christmas Lists! :)
    ~Mary Keller