Ideas for the baby's nursery!

Most of you probably know that J.D. and I are expecting a sweet baby girl in early October.  We are both counting down the days until we get to meet her!  I've sloowly been making progress on her nursery.  I thought I was ahead of the game, but this summer is flying by and I look at her little (it's actually huge) room and wonder why it's still fairly empty.  But, I've got a game plan and I'm really excited to see it complete. 

For some reason I always knew I wanted her nursery to be bright and colorful, full of art and life.  I love sophisticated, neutral nurseries but they never felt right for our girl.  I fell in LOVE with this blue splatter paint "Jamie" pattern from Biscuit Bedding and knew it was the perfect starting point.  We're actually using our home's master bedroom for the baby's nursery.  (We sleep in a smaller room next door.)  The master bedroom is huge, we don't really do much in our room besides sleep, and we think that giving the baby the big room will give her lots of room to play, and we can maybe even fit another baby in there with her down the road. :)
So, in the baby's room we're using two twin beds with simple white inexpensive matelasse bedspreads, and then I splurged on two blue splatter paint shams to give the beds some color.  (This is a good tip if you fall in love with bedding over your budget.  I LOVE the look of simple white bedspreads, you can toss them in the wash, and then save your budget for beautiful shams.)  We bought a big antique chest at auction to use between the twin beds, and on top of the chest we will have cute accessories, picture frames and two Mint green Triple Gourd Lamps, similar to these.  Above the chest, in between the beds, we are using a bright colorful Michelle Armas piece.  (LOVE her work and wish we could spring for the real thing, but I have to remember she's a baby a print will be just fine. :)   I needed a huge rug and got this Serena and Lily Deco rug on super sale and even through it really isn't big enough, we will make it work.

The room also includes her crib and changing table.  Her crib is a simple, old fashioned white crib with the same adorable Biscuit blue splatter paint crib sheet.  Above the crib we're using a 2008 Spoleto Arts Festival poster.  (Spoleto is a huge arts festival in Charleston.  J.D. and I purchased this poster when we married in Charleston in 2008, but it's been in the closet ever since.  Happy to have a reason to put it to use!)  For her changing table we're actually using an antique sideboard we bought at auction pre-baby.  (Before finding out we were expecting, I was planning on opening an cute accessories/antique's booth.  Once we found out our baby news, we decided it was too much to take on.  So, as a result of my shopping for the booth, we're using the pieces we purchased for random other uses in our home...such as a changing table :)  I'm keeping my eye out for an old colorful floral tole lamp to use on the changing table with a bright mirror above. 

If anyone has ideas for a fun mirror, please let me know.  I haven't fallen in love with anything so I'm leaning toward painting a thrift store mirror a bright cherry color similar to a color in the Michelle Armas painting!  I'd love any suggestions.

~Mary Keller

Images 1) Jamie Sham via Biscuit Bedding; 2) Sabrina print by Michelle Armas; 3) Robert Abbey Gourd lamp via Neenas; 4) Serena and Lily Bone Deco Frame Rug; 5) Poppy Mosaic Mirror via Serena and Lily; 6) 2008 Spoleto Arts Festival poster via Post and Courier; 7) Jenny Lind crib via Amazon; 8) Jamie Crib sheet via Biscuit Bedding; 9) Sideboard via 1st Dibs


  1. Oooooh la la! Baby Virginia is going to have the best and sweetest nursery in the whole world!

  2. Love the Michelle Armas piece!! And that fancy changing table:)

    Where did you get the inexpensive matelasse bedspread? I am looking for a good looking white one for our bed.

  3. Thanks Tyler! I think Baby Virginia's nursery will be sweet too! :)

    Dinah, I got my matelassé bedspreads at Bed Bath and Beyond. They're really nothing too special (I think they were about $60 each) but I love them because I'm not afraid of ruining them. I think that cute pillows will spruce them up!

    ~Mary Keller

    1. Thanks Mary Keller! That's my plan on our bed too...white bedspread and cute pillows and a cute blanket at the bottom. Thanks!