Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

You may remember last Friday I mentioned that I had family coming in town this past weekend.  Saturday was both my cousin and grandmother's birthday.  We had a full girls weekend planned with lunch at Heath's, lots of shopping, dinner out and a movie, just us girls allowed.  My mom, aunt, cousin and grandmother were all coming up, and we knew we'd have a fun weekend.  When I got to Heath's for our casual lunch plans on Saturday, I was totally shocked to see that my friends here in Charlotte had planned a surprise baby shower for me.  It was seriously the sweetest thing, and I was completely shocked when I walked in her house!

Below are pictures from the event if you'd like to see.  Everything was really just so so sweet and beautiful.  The theme of the shower was a Peter Rabbit Baby Book Shower!  Other than family, most of the guests were part of our book club so I thought the theme was particularly fitting.  The table was full of delicious food, fresh crepe myrtle blooms were spread around the house, and little touches of Peter Rabbit were sprinkled throughout.

The beautiful table with a centerpiece and bud vases of crepe myrtle blooms. 

Below the centerpieces were the most adorable cabbage leaf placemats with Peter Rabbit books fanned out. 

The full menu included pimento cheese and chicken salad finger sandwiches, a beautiful bowl of fresh fruit, adorable mini muffins, old fashioned deviled eggs, yummy dip plus sliced veggies, bite size country ham biscuits, and the most adorable bunny and carrot decorated sugar cookies.  And of course they had old fashioned cheese pennies, a favorite!  I never get tired of a traditional southern baby (or bridal) shower menu.  I could eat lunch like this every day!

Pretty veggies, I love all the bright colors, and love the cabbage dip bowl! 

Our family doesn't like to celebrate any occasion without ham biscuits!

How adorable are these Peter Rabbit cookies!  So so cute, and even one cookie personalized for the baby!

The bar was full of bright crystal goblets, mimosas and a yummy raspberry lemonade.

 The fireplace looked ready for a party.  Guests were asked to bring books for the baby, and we were gifted everything from the classics to more recent popular picks.  Our little one now has quite the library!  In addition to books, my grandmother gave us cute little book ends.  Bookends that she of course had to tell the group were on sale because the boutique "couldn't give them away." :)  The hostesses gave us a full set of Peter Rabbit books, all 20+ books.  I didn't even know a set that large existed, and I thought it was the perfect gift for me to remember the day.

 The mantel decorated with fresh magnolia and crepe myrtle blooms.

Books, books and more books!

I hope our sweet baby girl meets a group of friends as wonderful as the group we've found here Charlotte.  If anyone is looking to plan a baby shower anytime soon, these hostesses did the work for you!  You could copy every little bit!  I loved this sweet shower.  Perfect food, beautiful setting, sweet gifts, and the best time with sweet girl friends!  Thank you Amanda, Missy, Heath, and all of the sweet guests.  You're too good to us!

~Mary Keller

All images via Heath! :)


  1. I looooooove the crepe myrtles and magnolia leaves! Such a LOVELY shower! This makes me want to have a baby just so I can have a sweet shower!!!

  2. Tyler we can throw you some type of sweet shower without you having a baby! :) We missed you!
    ~Mary Keller

  3. This looks just delightful! The negatives of living in Texas - missing events like this :(

    Loving the southern food options - and all of the annie glass and those beautiful salad plates!!!

    1. Dinah - would have loved for you to have been there! And thank you for your sweet words. Loved those salad plates, you cant really see but they are a mix of TaTa's, my mom's and mine. Three women who could not be more excited about the arrival of this little lady!
      - Heath

  4. Adorable baby shower!! The buffet table is simply amazing. It reminded me of my sister’s bridal shower at one of San Francisco venues. It was really amazing with best arrangements done by an event planner. Really enjoyed this day.