Steak and Tomatoes

Friday night we went to a friend's house for Steak Club and it was the perfect relaxing evening.  We had really yummy sweet tea mojito cocktails and bruschetta for starters out on the patio, and then headed inside for dinner.
I love walking into a party and seeing a bar set up.  Sure sign of a fun evening!
 Our host mixing up delicious sweet tea mojitos, plus one non-alcoholic version. :)  Sweet tea mojitos-- muddled mint and sugar, sweet tea, rum, sparkling water and splash of lime juice.  (really good!)

For anyone looking to shake up a traditional steak dinner, everyone loved their menu.  Instead of "Steak and Potatoes" (which I love and are always good!) we had "Steak and Tomatoes."  They sliced tomatoes, topped them with parmesan, a few cheeses, spices and hot pepper flakes and they popped them in the oven to cook.  We also had roasted asparagus and realllly yummy homemade roasted garlic butter to top our steaks.  Steaks plus too much wine (sparkling water + lime for me!) and friends is always a good combo. 

Really delicious almond cake plus fresh strawberries.  This was sooo good.  If you're local, this is from Nova's Bakery and we all loved it.  Our hosts used one of my favorite Ina entertaining rules, always pick up something store bought for one course of dinner! :)

What I didn't know was that our hostess for Friday's dinner party was also preparing for a surprise baby shower that she and a few others were throwing for me the next day.  How we made it through dinner (and the wine) without someone spoiling the surprise I don't know!  I surely would have gone home a little earlier had I known she had to get up early the next day to throw another party.

~Mary Keller


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