Dream Vacation - Nanuku Island

Check out Nanuku island, a private island in Fiji available on Airbnb. You and 9 guests would have the entire island to yourself, surrounded by nothing other than clear blue water and coconut trees. The island includes two homes, a local guide and housekeeper, snorkel gear and 180 degree views of the amazing sunsets. How amazing does that sound?

How cute is that little hut?

While the accommodations aren't 100% westernized I think it would be amazing to wake up to the sound of the ocean and truly relax and immerse yourself into the Fijian culture.  This spot may not be for everyone,  but I sure would love to escape here one day!

- Heath

Images via Airbnb


  1. I say we schedule our next book club here! Who's with me?!

  2. I like the way you think Amanda!! Wouldn't that be amazing??! I think we'll start with book club just going to the beach sometime.
    ~Mary Keller

  3. I'm totally in if you would like Colin and I to be 2 of your 9 other guests when you're ready for this trip!