Impromptu Summer Cocktails

A few weeks ago I spied the new John Derian Invitation Collection for Paperless Post on a favorite blog, I Suwanee. I love John Derian and I LOVE Paperless Post's email invitation collection. They cost pennies to send and I think they instantly make a casual little get together or impromptu party feel more special.

All of these charming summery invites make me want to have friends for super casual late summer cocktails!  It's almost Friday so I think cocktails sound just about right!  (In my case, I'll still be enjoying my lime and sparkling water for a few more weeks!)

For an earthy look, we'll go with the Darling Darcy Fern Invite, and pair it with an herby Lillet Basil Cocktail.  (Martha knows how to make a good cocktail - Gin, Tonic, Basil, Cucumber and Cinnamon sounds perfect and not too sweet.)
To celebrate the last of peach season, send out the Large Peach Invite and keep things super simple with a Peach and Prosecco Ice.  Blend sliced frozen peaches, stir in simple syrup and then just add your prosecco!
For a girls night, we'll use the pink Derian Poppies Invite and mix up Glitter Guide's Boozy Raspberry Lemonade.  I love drinks like this mixed with beer because they are super simple and a little booze goes a long way - mix raspberry lemonade, raspberries, a few Coronas and vodka.  This drink sounds a little like something that I tried in college that may be a little too good! :)
The Blueberry Invite sets the tone for a classy summer evening and pairs perfectly with Giada's Blueberry Limoncello Coolers.  Combine Limoncello liquor, sparkling water, fresh mint and blueberries and you're set.  Sounds super simple and fresh.

Anyone entertaining these last few weeks of summer?  If not, go ahead and send an evite and get something on the calendar!

~Mary Keller

All invitation images via John Derian Collection for Paperless PostLillet Basil Cocktail by Martha StewartPeach and Prosecco Ice by EpicuriousBoozy Raspberry Lemonade via Glitter Guide;  Peach Blueberry Limoncello Cooler


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