Fall Planning

Is it ridiculous to start planning for fall already?  I know the season isn't even technically here, but we've already put together our list of "must dos" and a few goals to make the most of the season.  Otherwise, the season will come and go too quickly!  (Kinda like how summer came and went with me only having one shrimp boil and NO homemade peach cobbler somehow!)
Heath's list has all of the traditional fall favorites - football, pumpkins, bourbon! - plus a few good goals.  My list is all about BABY!  This fall will be very different for me compared to most.  I'll consider this fall the best if we only manage to check off number one on our list, welcoming our sweet baby girl in October!  If we manage to get her in a Halloween costume, purchase a pumpkin, actually cook any meal and get her birth announcements out, that will all just be a bonus.  And I'm embarrassed that I've even written that I'd like to get my Christmas shopping and Christmas cards organized this fall, but those are always my fall goals.  I know it seems too early, but getting this done in the fall leads to a better December for me.
What are we forgetting?  Any fall favorites or fall traditions that you love?  We're ready for cooler temps and this change in season!
~Mary Keller


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