Denim on Denim

A few weeks ago the weather cooled just enough for us to pull our TV out to the back porch and have some friends over for a little Tennessee game day fun. Denim on denim was the perfect casual option for a day full of football. Denim on Denim can be a little intimidating though, here are a few rules that can help with the look.

1. Mix and match washes and shades (try patterned, colored and coated denim too!)
2. Use a belt to break up the blues 
3. Watch your proportions. Keep it loose on top if your jeans are tight or vice versa (fit in general is key here)
3. Add some texture with jewelry or a scarf

The goal here isn't to look perfectly put together, this look isn't a science its more thrown together. If you're still not sure try your favorite black jeans with a chambray shirt, think of it as denim on denim for beginners! Just so happens to be a Sunday staple for me too. 

You know I had to sneak in a little orange for gameday! Wearing my favorite "new" belt stolen from Andy's side of the closet. The perfect Tennessee orange checkerboard!! 

What do you think? Do you wear denim on denim?

- Heath

PS more talk about gameday outfits here!


  1. Beautiful!!! Love this. :o)

  2. Super cute! And I love that you borrowed from Andy's side of the closet. Maybe I should buy my husband a Carolina blue argyle belt for Christmas :)

  3. Love denim on denim! It's so comfortable and stylish. I usually do a very dark wash jean with a chambray button up. Still waiting for it to get cooler in Florida so I can pull out this type of outfit!