Rebecca Atwood Textiles

One of the many reason I LOVE Instagram is discovering new people. I discovered Rebecca Atwood a little while ago and lately I am seeing her work everywhere! Rightly so everything she does is gorgeous!
Rebecca is a Brooklyn based artist and designer specializing in one of a kind textiles. She blends traditional textile making and hand painting to create a truly unique product. Her work is inspired by her daily life in New York as well as her childhood growing up in Cape Cod. And to top it all off, she strongly supports the survival of traditional textile techniques and donates a portion of her proceeds to Aid to Artisans.Aren't these amazing? I would love some of these on my sofa. Something about her work is dark and moody in the best way possible. I just love it all.  Her work is sold at Furbish in Raleigh, NC for anyone that's local! 

- Heath

All images from Rebecca's website


  1. Love these, Heath! They reminded me of the work my friend from high school (Yeah Bucs!) does. Her line is bycasey. It's fabulous and so is she!