Popcorn Toppings

Happy Halloween guys! I hope everyone has lots of tiny trick-or-treaters tonight, that’s my favorite part of Halloween so I can’t wait. We’re going to pop some popcorn and watch a Halloween movie tonight after visiting Virginia (and MK and JD) in her pumpkin hat of course.

We don’t have a microwave so a while ago Andy ordered this popcorn maker. I wasn’t on board at first but now I love how it encourages us to use different toppings on our popcorn. And it’s much healthier than bagged popcorn too. I love parmesan and truffle salt on my popcorn but it isn’t Andy’s favorite so I think we may try some sriracha salt on half of our batch tonight. If you’re local my sister in law found a great little place, Salts of the Earth in the 7th street Market uptown. She brought us a bag full of different salts we’ve been trying. They’re all really interesting, thanks Jill! A few others options I added to my list to try too!

Sea salt and honey (via the Faux Martha)
Rosemary and parmesean (via Cup of Jo
Chinese 5-spice (via the Kitchn)
Paprika and parsley (via Serious Eats)
Cilantro and lime (via Bake Your Day)
Chocolate, coconut, caramel (via Top with Cinnamon) for dessert! 

Any genius popcorn toppings? I also love throwing M&Ms into a bowl of hot popcorn, salty sweet + chocolate can't go wrong!

- Heath

image via Top with Cinnamon


  1. Sounds delightful! What popcorn maker did y'all buy?