Shopping Strategies - Defining your Style

Left - Emmanuelle Alt's famous french style: Right - Oliva Palermo's feminine style
I’ve been thinking a lot about shopping lately, shopping strategies to be specific. Then when I read this post from Victoria, it hit me. I feel the exact same way! My shopping is much less thoughtful when it’s done online. And thoughtless shopping usually leads to a closet that does not mesh well and is hard to dress from. That’s my worst nightmare! As much as I love clothes, shoes and accessories (which is a lot – ask Andy) and lust after the new styles and colors each season (again poor Andy) I have come to realize that when my closet is paired down to fewer things that are versatile and pieces that I LOVE, it’s much easier for me to get dressed. I‘ve deemed this step one in figuring out your best shopping strategy.
With the amount of online resources these days this step can seem daunting but I think taking a step back and going through your Pinterest boards and the clothes that you seem to wear over and over again can be very telling. You will eventually start to recognize patterns in the styles you like.  They may not jump out at first but I promise there is a rhyme or reason behind each one, and recognizing that is a valuable step in developing a strategy for your wardrobe. Stay with us the rest of the week as we go through what we consider the best steps in figuring out a good shopping strategy.

- Heath

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  1. Super excited for this series! If I have a recipe that tells me what to buy at the grocery store, I should definitely have a strategy for what to buy at the mall :)